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Roof Repair Company Stoke-on-Trent

Roof Repair Company Stoke-on-Trent

Potteries Fascias are a specialist roofing company based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and are able to offer all aspects of roof repair and maintenance.

We have over 15 years of experience and are team are able to carry out any type of roof repair work, from simply tile replacement to full roof replacements.

Your roof is one of the most important part of your house, but it is often the part of the house that nobody has ever really seen close up – and we can’t blame you it’s high up there. But if your roof is damaged then this can cause massive damage to you property.

So if you have a broken tile, a leaking roof or a massive hole caused by asteroid please get in touch with us today and our team are able to come out and assess the damage and give you a free no obligation quotation.

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Roof Repair Company Stoke on Trent

Potteries Fascias are a trusted roof repair company based in Stoke on Trent and are able to carry out repairs and maintenance on all types of domestic and commercial properties. No matter what the job or how big or small it maybe we are here for you at you time of need!

Having an issue with your roof is a very common problem especially if your house was built over 50 years. The weather can take its toll on the roof structure and this can lead to broken or loose tiles, damage to the fascias and soffits, which if left untreated can lead to a multitude of problems both on the outside and inside of your property.

It is always best to get issues with your roof fixed as soon as possible as once left untreated it can lead to a whole host of problems internally which can then land you with a very big bill indeed. If you have broken tiles on your roof, which is a very common problem, this can be fixed quickly and cheaply by letting Potteries Fascias replace and refit new tiles to your roof.

Damage to roofs can be caused by many elements such as the weather, wear and tear, items hitting the roof from above or acts of God! Luckily most repairs can be done with minimal disturbance to the rest of the property and as we have decades of experience in our team we can do these quickly, affordably and with our quality of work guarantee.

Broken Roof Tile Repair

If you notice you have some damaged roof tiles you should always get these repaired as quickly as possible and if you don’t then the rain can seep into the crack which has been made and then this water can damage the internal elements of the roof and lead to a much bigger job in the future.

Roof tiles are quick and easy to repair or replace and this is the most common job we do at Potteries Fascias. You can have a like for like replacement so that the repair is not obvious as there are many different tile styles and colours available on the market today.

This job can often be done in a couple of hours depending on the number of broken tiles and once we are up on the roof we can carry out a more detailed inspection and inform you of any other potential problems which may arise in the future, or other issues you may not be aware off such as damage to the soffits or fascias.

New Roof Installations

If you have a roof that has been damaged and is in need of replacement then we of course can offer a full roof replacement service too. We can install high quality tiles that will be able to withstand all that the British weather has to throw at it and we can ensure your new roof will easily out live you!

Roof replacements involve removing the old tiles from the roof and we can also carry out maintenance to the the underside and structure of the roof at the same time. New wood structures may need to be installed or new weather proofing to ensure your home is safe and secure from the elements.

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